The impeccable technique that combines scholarship, sport and university life

The application that outlines the athlete's path to university and obtaining a scholarship

Calcio Varie
03.07.2021 09:20

The method he invented to apply for a college scholarship also becomes in the public interest, as it has been able to radically change the fate of women's and men's football. An idea that hasn’t remained just such, but which has been translated into tangible concreteness and which has allowed many students to take advantage of this important subsidy that cannot be underestimated at all, indeed it should be highlighted given its relevance. All this also comes close to the concept of enhancement, a crucial factor and cornerstone of what Alessio Sundas managed to conceive. Indeed, it appears necessary and indispensable to argue about this given that the methodology conceived, implemented, patented and used by the Italian manager himself has allowed to change the way of playing, favoring and contributing considerably to the improvement of the player. An Italian who is now in contention and peeps out among the most important names who, starting from Italy with Sport Man and Woman, arrived in America obtaining great success and conquering the overseas football scene through considerable actions that only a few they managed to put in place. As regards, however, the modality and, therefore, the application for the application for the scholarship to college and / or university, Alessio Sundas intervened and revealed: "The data that is sent is really scarce. Indeed, many times the application mentions personal data, residential addresses, the sports they have done, what their level is, but there is also a lack of important information. Observing in detail the various applications made in the various colleges and universities around the world, I decided to create an application (with a secret method) that allows all the data that is needed to arrive in the various institutes, through the addition of videos that tend to tell what is hidden and that allows you to enhance the player. But not only - continues the players agent - as this method allows you to work on those who are the weak points of the same and, therefore, contributes to its improvement. Weaknesses become strengths and a player or a female player becomes complete and ready with an excellent profile that is recorded on each one's datasheet. In this way - explains the Italian manager - the university can carry out a course of recovery of all the data of athletes, such as the letters of reference of the various coaches who have had to deal with them, but also their levels and the progress made. over time, but also the matches they have played or the training sessions. So, when my application comes up, invented thanks to a secret method, whoever picks up the sportsman, the future student, the future scholarship holder, will have no doubt, as the data that will reach them - he concludes - will be complete". Everything was made possible thanks to the method of the players agent of excellence, Alessio Sundas; indeed, the success achieved in the United States will finally bring clarity to those who are going to apply for a scholarship. A method that, moreover, saves precious time and, precisely for this reason, it would be useful to share everywhere and spread this magnificent news conceived by the revolutionary Sundas. Eleonora Boccuni


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