‘Italian football? The best in the world’, word of the famous Alessio Sundas

The Italian manager, Alessio Sundas, highlights the magic of Italy and makes a promise to the players of the Bel Paese

Calcio Varie
04.07.2021 09:51

Italy is a team that puts its heart into it" in this way the players' agent Alessio Sundas made his debut in the aftermath of the match that decreed the victory of the Azzurri against Belgium. An intense match that highlighted the commendable work of coach Roberto Mancini, who managed to field promising young players from the very first whistle. Indeed, the national team immediately made itself known thanks to its game, its strategy, technique and pressing that allowed it to score the first goal (by Bonucci) already after the first quarter of an hour, unfortunately canceled for offside. But the Azzurri didn’t give up and, after a series of interesting and pressing actions, they managed to score the first goal that bears the signature of Barella. The Italians do not give up and expect a result at the height of their performance, which isn’t long in coming thanks to an amazing action by Insigne who kicks the goal of 2 to 0. This has certainly validated the words that the players' agent, Alessio Sundas, has always spent towards the players of the national team: "The Italians have something more - he reports - Italy is magical and, what I'm telling you, is confirmed by the demonstrations that have come down to us and ascertained in the course Some years. The way Italians play is certainly a non plus ultra. But - continues the successful Italian manager - Italy has something more of its own than other nations in the world, as - he explains - we Italians have become famous in the world thanks to our excellences that have excelled in various sectors ". And, as if that weren't enough, the Italian revolutionary who bears the name of Alessio Sundas has decided to make an important promise to all Italian footballers by telling them: "Thanks to my valorisation method, I will be able to present young promises in all clubs. of the world". The commitment of the players' agent has now become of global significance as his is a job aimed solely and exclusively at the good of the players who, unfortunately, are n ot able to emerge as they should. (Eleonora Boccuni)

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